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Prantik is a Managing Partner at Happy Marketer, who leads the firm’s Social, Mobile & Display Advertising practice. He sits on the Global Digital Board of Time International, a leading luxury chain in Asia.
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Happy Marketer, Now A Merkle Company

Posted by Prantik Mazumdar on Mar 5, 2019 10:47:32 AM

By now, most of you would have perhaps heard or read about Happy Marketer being acquired by Merkle Incorporated, one of the largest, US-based, data-driven marketing services firm and we, the #HappyTribe are overjoyed and overwhelmed with all the congratulatory messages and good wishes that have come our way. We are blessed!

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Re-branding Islam Through Digital Marketing

Posted by Prantik Mazumdar on May 23, 2016 5:16:15 PM

Digital marketing can do more than just promote products. It can help re-brand religions to foster social harmony. 

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Topics: Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, branding

Facebook's F8 Conference - Your Ultimate Guide to the Updates That Matter

Posted by Prantik Mazumdar on Apr 19, 2016 4:42:53 PM
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The Evolution of PR in the World of Social Media

Posted by Prantik Mazumdar on Apr 6, 2016 3:09:37 PM

Good PR is the key to any company’s success. Communicate often, and communicate well! But the PR game has changed in today’s social media-dominated world. 

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Topics: Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Public Relations, Social listening

Scale Up Your Social Impact Via Social Media

Posted by Prantik Mazumdar on Nov 25, 2015 2:33:27 PM

The true impact of social media can be realized when it's leveraged to further a real social cause. Many corporations and NGOs have begun using social media to their advantage to solve real world problems of or to bring value to different underprivileged segments. This deck outlines a framework with 10 case studies that brands & organizations can incorporate to maximize social impact through social media

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25 Digital Transformation Case Studies In Retail

Posted by Prantik Mazumdar on Oct 15, 2015 5:43:17 PM
By now, eCommerce has become common place even in emerging markets and most us have made at least a dozen purchases through our desktops, laptops or smartphones.
But there is a digital revolution brewing within the physical store in that promises to transform the way we browse, compare, evaluate, pay & purchase. Here are 25 global case studies illustrating this evolving movement of digital transformation in traditional retail:
If you have had similar digital experiences in a retail outlet in the past, please do share them in the comments. 
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