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FutureMarketer - A New Business in the Happy Marketer Family

Posted by Rachit Dayal on Sep 22, 2015 7:08:32 PM

For the last seven years, we’ve been committed to making marketers happy through data-driven and creative digital marketing initiatives. During that time, we’ve been fortunate to partner with some of the world’s leading organizations to develop and manage their digital marketing campaigns across Asia.

The Happy Marketing training arm has been thriving too - we secured prestigious partnerships with Google to deliver their flagship digital marketing program, Google Masterclass, and trained more than 5,000 marketers over the past seven years.

But our ambitions are much larger. That’s why I’m very excited to announce a brand new chapter in our Happy Marketer story - the birth of  FutureMarketer. The goal of FutureMarketer is to touch every single marketer in the region. That’s why we’re combining strengths with one of the most successful digital training firms in Asia - Maxential.

What is FutureMarketer?

FutureMarketer is a digital marketing training and consulting firm combining the training businesses of Happy Marketer & Maxential, a digital consultancy. The company will provide ongoing and immersive digital marketing learning programs on topics ranging from Digital Transformation and Digital Strategy to Social Media and Search Advertising.

You’ve already seen many of these programs on Happy Marketer’s training pages - all of these are now expanded, improved and offered with FutureMarketer. We’ve also now got the programmes to lead Global CEOs, Directors, Boards and Senior Leadership in the area of Marketing as FutureMarketer will now offer a whole new area of Digital Strategy & Transformation trainings. Those will put the group in front of CEOs around the world.

Who's leading the new Venture?

And we've got a new leader in the family to lead FutureMarketer to great heights - Mr Taru Jain. Taru has 20 years of marketing experience across Singapore, the U.K. and India. In the last four years been training CXOs in 35 countries around the world on Digital Marketing, Digital Transformation, and Change Management. We’re confident that the wisdom and energy Taru will bring to FutureMarketer and our Group will catapult us into the stratosphere.

As Managing Partner at the new Happy Marketer Group and Founder & Partner at FutureMarketer, I will take on a new role running common functions across Happy Marketer, FutureMarketer and our upcoming ventures. I will also focus on Group Marketing, Company Culture, Innovation, HR, Finances and Scaling Up. We've just added senior Business Leaders in all of those areas to our team, and I look forward to working with them to build something lasting.

Meanwhile, Prantik Mazumdar will take on an even larger role at Happy Marketer as the Managing Partner at Happy Marketer. All the business functions related to Business Development, Sales, Accounts, Delivery, Offerings & Innovation will now lie with him. He's got an ambitious new set of Sales & Delivery leaders who're raring to skyrocket.

Who's helped this journey?

For Prantik and me, this is a very exciting time in the Happy Marketer Group story. By combining Maxential’s experience in coaching leaders on digital transformation with Happy Marketer’s expertise in training digital marketing practitioners, we can now offer you comprehensive digital learning programs through FutureMarketer. And if you need a digital marketing agency to help you execute the strategies and tactics learned, we can support you through our services arm Happy Marketer.

For those of you who’ve participated in our Happy Marketer trainings, we are very grateful for all your support and look forward to helping you achieve your digital marketing goals and become future-ready.

And most importantly, it's the Happy Marketer team that has pushed us into making these big moves and inspiring us with their ability to handle growth with aplomb. Our team, their friends and families are the foundation of this new Group.

Thank you everybody who's thought of us, visited us, liked our content and worked with us. No matter what the capacity, every little bit counts, and we appreciate it deeply.


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