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Augmented Reality Is More Than Just For The Gaming World

Posted by Neelam Patel on Jan 28, 2019 10:32:57 AM
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With the various technological initiatives widely being used, it is changing the way we do things. Brands are adopting technology for their business operations to engage with their customers to provide exhilarating experiences to keep the customers wanting more.

One such type is the Augmented Reality (AR) technology. Usually when we think of AR, we relate it with the gaming world. The hyped-up Pokemon Go AR app, one that has combined the gaming world with the real one, has proven the point even more. But what people are not aware of is that AR can prove to be extremely useful in various industries - one of them being the Fashion industry.

In the video below, you will get a brief picture of what AR is and how it works before we dive straight to how some of the fashion brands are currently making use of AR technology to gear up for a digital makeover and what you as a fashion brand should do to up your game.


Topics: digital technology, augmented reality, fashion, brands, consumer experience

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