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Personalise Your Customers Experience With Chatbots & Emails

Posted by Neelam Patel on May 15, 2019 4:35:25 PM

The creation of chatbots has not just begun in the last decade or so. Yes, that’s when they have started gaining mainstream popularity. But the first invention, ELIZA, a computer program developed at MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in the mid-1960s, was designed to simulate conversations with humans.

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Topics: customer experience, email marketing, chatbots

Happy Marketer Receives Honorable Mention in HubSpot Awards

Posted by Joe Escobedo on Feb 19, 2016 1:26:04 PM

Big news from the Happy Marketer family! We’ve received an honorable mention in HubSpot’s Impact Awards in the Client Growth Story (International.) The award highlights companies that have experienced rapid growth with inbound marketing practices

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Topics: marketing automation, email marketing

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